Clinic Management Services

CHSI takes pride of our Corporate Clinic Management Services. We deliver competent and comprehensive health care services to our various client companies in more than 30 corporate clinic facilities all over the Philippines.

Our Corporate Clinic Management Services encompasses the different aspects of healthcare management and emergency services including the deployment and supervision of occupational health personnel, first aid and emergency medical care, and cost-effective and preventive delivery of health interventions.

Our Corporate Clinic Management Services basically consist of major services, compliant with the BWC and other DOLE standards.


Primary Care / Basic Medical Services

Occupational clinic management is the core competence of CHSI. Our medical consultation processes and protocols follow the accepted industry standards in the practice of occupational medicine. Our occupational doctors are all well-oriented on the prevailing standards of consultation, diagnosis, treatment and patient counselling, while our nurses are on the standards of nursing assessment.

Our doctors and nurses are occupational medicine practitioners, who to the least have completed a basic training in occupational health and safety. While basic first aid and CPR training is a must for each composition of our medical teams, our clinic doctors have been provided advanced training on the like.

Medications Dispensing and Emergency Medical Treatment

Our nurses comply with the protocols of issuing emergency medicines and providing emergency medical treatment. They are all well-oriented and trained not only in the proper storing, handling and dispensing of medicines, but also in giving relevant advice and instructions to patients.

To ensure that all emergency medicines and supplies are always on hand, our nurses are tasked to efficiently monitor, forecast and make timely requisition of all inventories in their respective clinic assignments. Monthly audits are also being accomplished and supporting variance reports being submitted, to the company representative in-charge of the clinic facility.

Emergency Response

First aid and emergency medical response are key elements of our clinic functional responsibilities and protocols. Our medical teams, through their trainings and combined experiences, can immediately recognize and more importantly, promptly and correctly respond to emergency medical situations and conditions. Moreover, to guarantee emergency readiness and quick response, we responsibly ensure that all emergency and first aid equipment, medicines and supplies are daily checked.

In cases that no in-house ambulance services are available, our medical personnel are well-aware of the contact details of various accredited Emergency/Rescue Service Providers and Hospitals. Required prompt coordination and reporting of emergency incidences with the concerned management in the facility is always observed.

Coordination of Health Provider Networks

Networking and acting as liaison with external health providers has always been a part of the operational activities of CHSI. Our organization has nearly a decade of experience on referral procedures and guidelines, involving the vast network of health care providers including specialists, diagnostic clinics, hospitals, and emergency rescue and evacuation service providers.

A comprehensive orientation on employee benefits and HMO program coverage is a major pre-requisite before any medical personnel is deployed in their clinic assignments. The said orientation aptly includes the various policies, procedures and protocols involved in coordinating with and referring to, the network of accredited health providers and other related services.

Individual Health Records

Guidelines on the Confidentiality of Patient information are in place and are strictly followed in all clinics covered by CHSI.

CHSI clinic personnel are all well-oriented on the proper maintenance and management of health records, be it manual or computerized.

Whether medical information have been gathered using manual or electronic recording, one of the strengths of CHSI is providing accurate management and health profile reports.

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